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Trade diplomacy: The Posh the Crazy and India

by on April 28, 2013

  ImageTrade has always been one of the features of modern societies; in fact, it is one of the basic elements that define contemporary social behavior. However, when addressing trade in a frame for international diplomatic negotiations, the movements towards the liberalisation of markets and free trade during the 1990s reinforced the importance of diplomacy in such an environment. The multilateral diplomatic approach in Uruguay to address issues relating to the previous GAT system as well as the negotiations involving the Creation of NAFTA are good examples of the value put in diplomacy towards the international trade system.

 However, these negotiations do not completely assess the full magnitude that international trade managed to place in the diplomatic sphere. This is because these negotiations were only taken at state level, disregarding the participation of non-state actors one of the main characteristics for Trade Diplomacy.

The recent visit of the posh Prime Minister David Cameron with the largest British trade delegation to ever visit a foreign country displayed the importance that privet enterprises have in the contemporary diplomatic system.

Image This is because in a world where Globalisation is a prime feature of the International System, international trade is vital for domestic economies. According to some analysts, this trade delegation was of extreme importance to increase trade relations between the UK and India, which at present are considered to be very poor in relation to the size and significance of India’s global economic position.

ImageAlso recognising the importance of India for trade and investments. The iconic and crazy by nature mayor Boris Johnson in a minor scale managed to take a delegation of businessmen to India with the purpose of promoting London’s business and increase trade between these two poles.  As Boris remarks India’s fast economic growth and increasingly urbanisation and economic class present a fine opportunity for London in terms of attracting investments, tourism and exports. His business delegation substantially promotes the key markets London is trying to gain through this visit. As the delegation was comprised by members of sectors such as the retail, financial and construction services. 


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  1. Good to see a piece about india and their growing stature in the a growing economy its about time major states made more of an effort to trade and create links with india.they will play a major part in global economics over the next few decades and this can only be good for the poor in indian society

  2. Good stuff Felipe. Ya its true that trade is the major aim of diplomatic efforts in this globalized world. When you see so much effort on the behalf of the British in improving ties with India while distancing themselves from Europe, shows that it wants to strenghten the commonwealth trade routes. With so many organizations being set up like the Eurozone and Nafta and many others, the world is being split into competing trade zones.

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