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Environmental Diplomacy

by on April 16, 2013

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Non-state actors happened to take the most  important role on environmental issues at domestic and international levels. It participates and influences  the behaviour of states in different aspects  concerning the environment, since the days on Stockholm conference organised by the United Nations where many states come together to discuss the problem the non-state actors contributed a lot in its deliberation, since then they were forefront on major international activities. Non-state actors was accepted by their role as consultative capacity by the United Nations . continuously due to the climate change their role increased tremendously although their powers are limited yet non-state actors continue overseeing the protection of the environment, they assess  how the national governments  take steps for protecting it.

Copenhagen conference on climate change was one of the most important venue where non-state actors major role although nothing much was achieved, as environmental problems is the responsibility of the international community and no state can tackle it the only solution can be achieved if all states address the issue multilaterally but in reality each state or group of states see differently how to be solved after all the conference was attended by diplomats, ministers , head of states and many non-state actors organised by the united Nations. As always happens decision making is in the hands of the states when negotiations reached on agreement and the role of non-state actors are limited but has considerable influence on the process and beyond.

However the participants in the conference did not reach on conclusive agreement and divided into several groups, as developing nations argued that it is the responsibility of the developed states to reduce its pollutions and provide funds, technology and assistance to the developing states. Major polluters in the air such as United States claimed it had reduced already and can continue reducing it further otherwise its economy would be affected by such actions. On the other hand China and India both developing rapidly were required to reduce their emissions. The negotiations of Copenhagen  conference was not an easy one but it became clear that however it may be slow and no fruitful outcome yet it was realised that long term vision is needed.


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