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Public diplomacy

by on April 1, 2013

ImageGlobalization has had influence over many aspects within the international system and diplomacy is one of those factors that have influenced. Although the foundation of diplomacy, which is negotiation and strengthening relations between states hasn’t changed but how negotiation happens has changed. States have more ideas and ways to increase states influence and strengthen the relations between countries and its citizen. Public diplomacy is one way were states able to increase their relations across borders. Public diplomacy has existed in the past but due to globalisation there has been an increase in the use of Public diplomacy. International system in the past was mostly about traditional diplomacy involving communication and negotiation occurring only between governments and actors linked to the governments and with minimum involvement of the public. However globalisation has changed that, with globalisation borders that were blocking the citizens from each other disappeared the world has become more open than before. This means that it is important for governments within the globalist to seem attractive and influential not only within its borders but also outside the borders.

Image  Public diplomacy involves communication between governments and the foreign public. Governments have to develop relation with citizens from other states and societies which includes the governments to sponsor culture and general information which can improve and strengthen relation between states.

At this day and age hard power has no place within international system. Unlike traditional use of power and influence which was mainly hard military and hard economic powers both factors were used to gain control and influence over other states and theirs citizens. Empires and states used these hard powers in the past to gain influence. But within the era of globalisation is all about soft power and the use of public diplomacy, hard power is seen in a negative light and states that use hard power in order to gain control are largely criticised. 2003 Iraq war is an example where the hard power used by United States was largely criticised and placed US in a negative light not only it lost positive influence with the Iraqi citizen but also on a global scale. Soft power and public diplomacy have larger influence then hard powers; if states around the world want influence and to control its national interest then attraction would help them more than hard power. Diplomats involve the foreign public more than ever; they share information and exchange with the citizens to strengthen relationships.   And this can be done in number of ways


US political theorist Joseph Nye gave a lecture at Portcullis House, London, on his theory of soft power and its importance for today’s governments and global societies.


ImageTechnology is the biggest factor used to soft power and public diplomacy because it’s the fastest way diplomats can share information. Technology and information era has developed e-diplomacy showing that diplomats move on with the changed in the world. To remain important diplomats and embassies have to keep up with the new factors.

Diplomats take full advantage of the social media in order to help states appear attractive and to promote their state to the foreign public. Many diplomats have made twitter and facebook accounts and embassies have made facebook pages in which they can promote information and inform both audience at home and in the country it is based in. Diplomats can use social media to engage with the foreign public promoting positive influential in order to strength relationships.


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