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Iran anger over ‘Argo’

by on March 21, 2013

We discussed in class, during seminar and film was shown (Bora). The idea was how film/documentary can promote or jeopardize the image of a country.

Bora interviews people (Male) in Kazakhstan asking people’s point of view on various mater including the role of a woman for example, and they would compare woman to bizarre thing, giving them no importance at all in all level. Since Bora film/documentary about Kazakhstan, people created a bad image of the country, it left a negative stain for does that knew and did not know Kazakhstan and only heard of the country because of Bora’s film. Thus, the government sow that as the national humiliation.

This post was requested.  Those who were present during seminar would have an idea.

We have seen this type of reactions before, in which government react badly over ‘real’ movies. Seven Years in Tibet  is just one of the few examples. The Chinese government reacted with anger, discontented due to the fact that the movie shows a  difficult and ‘harsh’ ruling period of the Chinese in Tibet. The controversy movie banned Brad Pitt in China (


Also available at     accessed on the 21/03/2013


What was the role of the British diplomats?

The British diplomats were not satisfied with ‘Argo’ (


Brad Pitt Banned From Chinaavailable at [accessed on the 21/03/2013]

British Diplomat Dis-satisfaction, available at [accessed on the 21/03/2013]

Iran’s anger over ‘Argo’, available at ://     [accessed on the 21/03/201]


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  1. Ya it is true that these movies print a bad image of a country. This movie Argo has come at such a convenient time, when the US will do all that it can to print a bad image of Iran due to the current Nuclear issue. It seems like its just another extension of politics. Movies throughout time have always been the same. Give a really bad image of your enemy while turning your country, the US in this case, into a heroic nation.

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