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New Diplomacy

by on March 6, 2013


When the first world war ended and the Allied troops became victorious president Wilson of the United States realise that the old and secret diplomacy can no longer work and keep international peace and therefore hoped and decided to transform international relations and came up his “fourteen points plan”  which can be called new diplomacy and mentioned that all occupied territories should be withdrawn , destroying old imperial policy that colonies should be given self determination, Wilson also proposed disarmament and his new policies included free international trade in the world.

33221-pc League of NationsHowever one of the important point of his plan was establishment of International Organization for preventing future wars and maintaining world peace and it was called ‘League of Nations’ and it was the League’s duties among others for disarmament and dismantling Colonies. Wilson faced oppositions from his allies and forced to compromise most of his plans. Eventually winners know as “The Big Four” had secret negotiation and came up the treaty of “Versailles”.  The treaty was not balanced and put badly heavy penalties on Germany for its aggression of starting the war. The League of Nations was supposed to start new type diplomacy but in fact did not materialize and its dominant members neither allowed all states to join nor respected the league’s rules.

New diplomacy formulated at the treaty was attempt to change old system but its mission to free the colonies and the oppressed people were not granted their wishes, it was also a beginning of change of European traditional diplomacy which was based on secret negotiations and alliance to keep balance of power among European states and other imperial powers , this kind of diplomacy increases the trust between states and their populations, it minimizes and deter any power to secretly build an alliance against other states. The new diplomacy also creates states to interact and establish organizations were all member states can participate, negotiate and conduct open diplomacy in order to reach fruitful outcome. Many believe that the new diplomacy increases public awareness of what their leaders doing in international level and can change or put pressure on their governments in order to prevent any future hostilities.


Kissinger, Henry (1994) DIPLOMACY


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  1. good post here, the point about the league of nations failing is important. its failure of course came before world war 2 and led to the creation of the UN after the war. I think the league of nations was doomed to fail due to the large amount of over powerful states trying to maintain empires and create them. In essence new diplomacy didnt work properly until the late 40’s and the start of the cold war era.

  2. This post is very interesting, it has shown how multilateral diplomacy has limitation that lead to consequence affecting everybody for me, it showed how agreement done with more than one state can be difficult. New diplomacy was just starting of and the change wanted was against that the national interest of European countries.

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