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Multi-Lateral Negotiations: The Case of North Korean Nuclear Program

by on February 6, 2013

Since the announcement of nuclear test by North Korean regime in the end of last century, there were many formal and informal talks between six parts concerned with the issue took place in different places to negotiate and reach agreement which makes all parts happy end. The Multilateral talks between North Korea, South Korea, Japan, United States, China and Russia started in 2003 to sort out the issue of North Korean Nuclear Program in peace full way, were Bush administration see the level of the program may put in danger the existence of its long term allies Japan and South Korea, so it is necessary to find a firm solution to prevent the regime in Pyongyang for further steps of Nuclear and Plastic missiles test.


President George Bush used the term of “Axis of Evil” when he declared the war against terrorism describing the regimes of North Korea, Iran and Iraq the real danger facing the modern world and added on the list of terror sponsor states. On the other hand, Bush Administration developed secret connections with North Korea through China and Russia to formulate round table meetings between six part nations and maintain negotiations till full and comprehensive agreement could be reached.


Former Secretary of State Collin Powell described the multi-lateral negotiations with N. Korea the only way that Korean Pensula can get permanent and comprehensive peace.  Although the nature of talks and negotiations between super power states and their allies surrounded with secrecy, however, there were few times that the negotiating parts announced advanced step in talks or even reaching an understanding agreement.

The U.S. used the involvement of Russia and China in series negotiations between the Koreans and Japan to make breakthrough, when the sides get deadlock situation and not only that but to put a pressure on Pyongyang when it is necessary. These talks resulted in limited breakthroughs were negotiating parts reached agreement on few issues like, nuclear non Proliferation Treaty in 2003.


In 2007, North Korea agreed to shut down all it is nuclear programs except those for peaceful purposes in exchange for fuel aid and steps towards the normalization of relations with the United States and Japan. Although the Multilateral talks in North Korea Nuclear program hailed by both negotiated parts and the World because it resulted at least to bring conflict parts in negotiation table, still there is no real sign that significant outcomes may last longer over short period.




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  1. This article elaborates negotiations between several concerned states led by United States about North Korea’s nuclear program and infact the author clearly mentioned how preisdent Bush Jr described them as an evil, but the case of North korea was a failure because they tried to bribe North Korea without proper treaty for safeguarding the regime and the soverienty of the state and the North did continue test long range missiles and west and its regional allies did not dare to open another conflict which is more powerful and dangerous in Korean Peninsula and it was left alone, therefore it was clear that United states and its allies always target the easy and weaker states.

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