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Evolution of Diplomacy

by on January 21, 2013

It is my belief that unofficially diplomacy has been around ever since humans started creating empires,kingdoms and territories thousands of years ago. the romans for example would have used it to make peace with rival empires and other peoples encroaching on their areas. Official diplomacy is seen as being founded in the 16th century or thereabouts because this is when diplomats were then stationed in foreign states and acted on behalf of governments.


In essence i believe that diplomacy and its main aim has not changed that much in over 500 years. Diplomacy it could be said is there to benefit the country whom the diplomat works for and to help create a particular image of this state abroad. in effect they do all they can to further the interests of their home nation and get the best deal for them every time. On the other hand i would say their other important job is to hold discussions at times of crises and reach agreements on the issues at hand. In terms of modern diplomacy, the main difference is the technology thats used nowadays and the effect it has had on communication between states. Also this advancement of technology means that there are more diplomats and embassies than ever and also more states meaning diplomatic talks are constantly ongoing all over the world. As more there are more issues to contend with such as the environment and land wars ,this makes diplomacy more important than ever.


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  1. haytami1 permalink

    I totally agree with you, that diplomacy was using unofficial way, where kingdoms, sages and empires communicated and solved their crisis. Nevertheless, the evolution of diplomacy and using as a official channel came as a world growing and the people preferred more integration and knowledge exchange.

    This article seems a good introduction to evolution of diplomacy and it is historical channels. In addition the diplomacy in last 20 years changed new root and regenerated to work with human developments in field of technology, so the most diplomatic cables and stores are online and this makes a sense when it come time keeping because online channels are faster than traditional channels and no more paper usage and space taking.

  2. Indeed it is fair to say that the notion of diplomacy has been existing for thousand of years and is not just a recent occurrence. As haytami1 has mentioned above the increased usage of online channels are much faster than the traditional ones. So today’s advanced technology and speed of communication has changed nature of diplomacy from narrowed and exclusive to being more publicly opened and transparent.

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