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Multilateral Diplomacy

by on January 3, 2013

united-nations_2199755bGeorge-H_W_-Bush-in-Kuwait020806-F-7823A-004The old diplomacy which was based on mainly bilateral has long been replaced by what is known as multilateral diplomacy whereby three or more states interact or join together for common purpose, but however the rise of international organizations made easier for multilateralism even to work better and smooth than any other form of diplomacy. The best example of this form of diplomacy was conducted the first Gulf war when Saddam Hussein of Iraq invaded neighbouring tiny state of Kuwait for reason which was not justifiable in the eyes of international community.

United nations condemned Saddam’s actions and demanded him to leave Kuwait , Arab league did the same and there was total panic in the region especially Gulf States which can’t face Saddam’s mighty Army, therefore Saudi Arabia  fearing its safety asked United States for help  and American government seeing the eminent threat as region produce more than have of the  oil in the world and the Saudis would be the next target had to take action together with the Arab league except Jordan and  Yemen joined ranks in defence against Iraq and liberating Kuwait, and through multilateral diplomacy inside the United nations and outside made it possible to build huge coalition forces in order to liberate Kuwait.

UN_General_Assembly-037bchussein-saddami05_0RTRO9C8However Saddam did not expect Arab Nations or at least most of them would bother his actions and come to aid Kuwait and ask outside help, another for him was the end of the cold war and the collapse of communism in the Eastern Europe which made easier for the Security Council to pass resolution authorising ‘all necessary means’ to use for liberating Kuwait without ‘Veto’ on November 1990. But Saddam did not respond and through several demands and excuses dragged his feet up to the deadline which forced the coalition forces led by United States to launch an offensive attack lasting several weeks, interestingly many countries participated including those who were against United States policies in the region and the rest is history.


Muldoon, Aviel , Reitano and Sullivan(edited).Multilateral Diplomacy (2nd edition),2005.

Cleveland and Bunton, A History of the Modern Middle East (5th edition),2013 watch?




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  1. haytami1 permalink

    Great and well articulated post, it shows how multilateral diplomacy hit the target in the time of Gulf crisis 1990’s. the U.S answer from Saudi Arabia’s argent request to prevent Saddam Hussein forces to occupy Saudi territory come with great coalition from over the world to stop the Saddam aggression.

    Some conflict experts greeted the positive respond from International community other wise powerful Iraqi forces my destroy easily a oil reach country like Saudi Arabia after occupation of Kuwait by Saddam Hussein forces.

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