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Crisis diplomacy

by on December 14, 2012

151790-004-28D85424Middle East conflict in the 1970’s particularly the war between the Arabs and Israel in 1973 and its aftermath became one of the major diplomatic successful in the 20th century, it led peace though it was not overall agreed permanent and peaceful solution throughout middle east. Before the war started Egypt established secret diplomatic talks with United States and surprisingly expelled all Soviet military advisors and instructors from their territory and the following year planned and conducted war against Israel without  awareness or help from Soviet Union or any other Arab country except Syria, the war itself was surprise to everyone knowing Soviet withdrawal and caught off guard with Israelis but many believe that Egyptian president’s objective was to change the situation of no war no peace scenario and to bring direct American involvement and force Israel to accept negotiating table, it was a brief diplomatic war and the only war that the Egypt fought and scored the first major success against Israelis than any other previous wars in the middle east and became the last war they fought.

Sadat, Carter, and Begin Shake HandsHowever United States immediately came to rescue and airlifted huge armament in to Israel and conducted high diplomatic venture in United Nations and cease fire was negotiated and   all sides accepted. it became necessary for the  Americans to carried out diplomatic negotiation in the middle east in order to diffuse the tension  between the Arabs and Israel and it was one of the famous diplomatic negotiation that United States had ever undertook with its foreign secretaries  leading as mediators between the two hostile neighbouring states and it was popularly known as ‘shuttle diplomacy’  even though it lasted and dragged several years surprisingly Sadat of Egypt became the first Arab head of state to visit Israel  for breaking the lack of trust between them and delivered his peace massage in the Knesset.

In the end Israel and Egypt signed peace treaty known as ‘Camp David Accord’ under the host of president Jimmy Carter of the United States whose relentless effort made possible for the two states to reach comprehensive peace deal and were rewarded continues massive annual aid to both Egypt and Israel and that diplomatic success brought withdrawal of Israel from Sinai Peninsula, lasting peace and diplomatic recognition between them and the shared Noble peace prize for Sadat and Begin but, alas it took another two decades for Carter to get his share for that landmark achievement .


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  1. I think it is interesting to add that whenever crisis’s accure between states the best mode of negotiation is through bilateralism. Multilateral negotiation can help to prevent a crisis from arrising, but history has shown that in the midst of a crisis only bilateral negotiation can give resolve.

  2. I do agree with you, that this is a great success story between Egypt and Israel, but I wouldn’t include the rest of the Arab world there too. As history shown, despite the peace agreement, there still are ongoing tensions that it failed to resolve. Would like to know your opinion on how you think they should have included the rest of the Middle East (At least Lebanon and Syria) into these peace talks and whether they would have been successful if so happened.

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